Heartwarming Tale: Monkey Adopts a Puppy, Shields It from Stray Dogs, and Always Lets It Eat First


In the heart of a bustling Indian city, a heartwarming and extraordinary friendship has blossomed between two unlikely companions – a kind-hearted monkey and a vulnerable puppy. This touching tale reminds us that love knows no bounds and transcends species, as the monkey not only adopted the puppy but also shielded it from stray dogs and always ensured it got the first share of food. This story is a testament to the innate compassion that exists within animals and serves as a beautiful example of empathy and selflessness in our diverse world.

The Unlikely Friendship

In a narrow alley of Udaipur, India, locals were amazed to witness an unusual bond forming between a small monkey and a tiny, helpless puppy. The monkey, named Bandar, had taken an interest in the abandoned puppy, whom locals named Puppy. Bandar’s maternal instincts seemed to kick in as she began to care for the little furball. What started as a simple curiosity soon evolved into a lifelong friendship.

Protection from Stray Dogs

One of the most remarkable aspects of this extraordinary relationship was Bandar’s unwavering commitment to protecting Puppy from the constant threat of stray dogs in the neighborhood. Stray dogs are common in Indian cities and can be aggressive towards other animals, especially vulnerable puppies.

Bandar, despite her small size, displayed immense courage and resourcefulness in keeping Puppy safe. She would screech and chase away any approaching stray dogs, using her agility to lead them away from her adopted companion. This act of selflessness and courage demonstrated the depth of Bandar’s love for Puppy.

Always Letting Puppy Eat First

Another touching aspect of this unique bond was Bandar’s consistent habit of allowing Puppy to eat first. Food scarcity is a common issue for stray animals, and for Bandar to put Puppy’s needs above her own speaks volumes about her maternal instincts and devotion.

Locals often left food out for the animals, and Bandar would diligently ensure that Puppy had the lion’s share. She would wait patiently until Puppy had eaten his fill before taking her turn. This simple yet profound act of sacrifice underscores the depth of compassion and empathy that animals are capable of feeling towards one another.

The Impact on Locals

The heartwarming story of Bandar and Puppy quickly spread throughout the neighborhood, touching the hearts of all who heard it. Locals were deeply moved by the extraordinary friendship between the monkey and the puppy and were inspired by the selfless acts of kindness displayed by Bandar.

This remarkable story led to increased community support for both Bandar and Puppy. Locals began providing more food and shelter for the inseparable pair, ensuring that they had a safe and comfortable place to call home. The story also served as a reminder of the importance of compassion and empathy towards animals and encouraged more people to take action to help stray animals in their communities.


The heartwarming tale of Bandar the monkey and Puppy the puppy is a shining example of the love and compassion that can exist between animals of different species. Bandar’s protective instincts and selfless acts of kindness towards her adopted companion remind us that empathy and kindness are not exclusive to humans.

In a world often filled with stories of strife and conflict, the friendship between Bandar and Puppy serves as a powerful symbol of hope, love, and unity. It reminds us to look beyond our differences and embrace the inherent goodness that resides in all living beings, reinforcing the belief that compassion knows no boundaries, whether human or animal.

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