Add Elegance to Your Home with Rare Blue Purple Succulents This Summer


As summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to revamp your living space and infuse it with fresh, vibrant energy. One of the most captivating ways to do this is by incorporating rare blue and purple succulents into your home décor. These unique plants not only add a touch of elegance but also bring a sense of tranquility and natural beauty indoors. In this article, we’ll explore the allure of blue and purple succulents and provide tips on how to incorporate them into your home for a stunning summer transformation.

The Enchantment of Blue and Purple Succulents

Blue and purple succulents are a rare and sought-after variety within the succulent world. Their striking colors are a result of special pigments, such as anthocyanin, which develop in response to varying light levels and temperatures. This natural phenomenon creates a captivating array of shades that range from soft lavender to deep indigo, making them a stunning addition to any home.

These unique succulents not only add visual interest but also create a soothing atmosphere. The calming effect of blue and purple hues has been well-documented in psychology, making them an excellent choice for creating a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Choosing the Right Succulents

When selecting blue and purple succulents, it’s essential to consider their care requirements and compatibility with your living space. Some popular varieties include:

1. **Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nurnberg’:** Known for its rosette-shaped leaves that transition from pale lilac to deep purple, this succulent is a standout choice for adding elegance.

2. **Senecio Serpens (Blue Chalksticks):** This trailing succulent features cylindrical, blue-green leaves that create a unique cascading effect, perfect for hanging planters.

3. **Sempervivum Arachnoideum (Cobweb Houseleek):** With rosettes adorned by silvery web-like threads, this succulent adds a touch of mystique to any arrangement.

4. **Sedum Dasyphyllum Major (Blue Tears Sedum):** Its delicate blue-green leaves form a dense mat, making it an excellent ground cover or addition to fairy gardens.

Incorporating Blue and Purple Succulents into Your Decor

Now that you’ve selected your succulents, it’s time to find creative ways to incorporate them into your home:

1. **Stylish Containers:** Choose pots or planters that complement the colors of the succulents. Ceramic pots in muted tones or rustic terracotta vessels can provide an elegant contrast.

2. **Arrangements and Groupings:** Create visually appealing displays by combining different succulent varieties. Play with heights, textures, and colors to achieve a balanced arrangement.

3. **Vertical Gardens:** Install a vertical garden using wall-mounted planters to make a striking statement and save valuable floor space.

4. **Terrariums:** Build a captivating miniature world within glass containers, showcasing the beauty of blue and purple succulents.

5. **Indoor Hanging Planters:** Utilize macramé hangers or wall-mounted planters to showcase trailing succulents, adding a touch of whimsy and elegance to your space.

Maintenance and Care

To keep your blue and purple succulents thriving, it’s important to provide them with the right conditions. Ensure they receive plenty of indirect sunlight, as intense, direct sunlight can lead to sunburn. Use well-draining soil and water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings.


Embracing the beauty of blue and purple succulents is a wonderful way to elevate your home decor this summer. Their enchanting colors and unique forms bring a touch of elegance and tranquility to any space. By carefully selecting the right succulents and incorporating them into your decor with creativity and care, you can enjoy a stunning and vibrant living environment throughout the summer months.

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